In 28 Days / 78 Days…

The joys and pains of the GWOT generations of veterans and current members of the military.

The Ghosts of Tal'Afar

It was a Saturday night. I was about fourth or fifth in line at the gas station. It was roughly 9:30 p.m. so it was busy. I glanced left down the row of registers. There was an old man buying two cartons of cigarettes. Behind him were two girls dressed for a night out on the town. The brunette had on a black mini skirt with knee-boots and a velvety-blue/purple sleeveless blouse. It was real shiny. The blonde wore black stretch pants, a halter top and heels. They looked pretty dolled-up and ready to go somewhere fun. I wore a fresh pair of trousers and my jacket. They were fashionably in the Desert-Combat Uniform color. It complimented my desert tan boots. I glanced right and noticed at the end of the line was a young private and corporal dressed similarly. Both had the exact same look on their face, one…

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