You may be a pyschopath and a hero…


We tend to have a view or stereotype of a psychopath or social deviant. The crumb ridden basement dwelling or mass murdering, kitten eating monster. I would have to say that may be wrong in its approach. I would to say heroes have a touch of crazy. I have been protecting people since maybe the 1st grade. Not so much out of a sense of straight forward right and wrong, but the pure joy of possibly fighting a worthy, classifying this person as a adversary, foe or object.

I’ve made friends after beating their bullies, ran into burning building without thinking (S/N I love fire in all it’s glory), rode into foreign country with a sense of “why the hell our we fucking here”, but then a firefight breaks out and the joy of someone shooting at you is something that is weakened by trying to describe it in words.

What I’m basically getting at is that psychopaths can come in all shapes and forms. If you consider yourself a warrior or defender of what is right and or wrong you have the personality traits to flip and become the villain as well.


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