Because I’m a Veteran…

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Veggie Fueled Runner

While I was hoping to keep politics out of my blog and focus on being a vegetarian and my running, I saw something on my run yesterday that really irritated me, so I’m going to take some blogger’s liberty and tie it in.

Sign of treason against the United States

Around mile 3 of my run, I saw a truck drive in front of me flying a Confederate Flag.  I am the first to tell you, the First Amendment gives you every right to do that.  What really irritated me though, is that it was the 4th of July.  We are suppose to be celebrating America’s independence, not traitors who stood in direct opposition of America!

Many oppose the Confederate Flag because it is a sign of racism and violence, I’m not going to try an argue a moral point, you can never win a moral argument if the other side isn’t rational.  The Confederate Flag symbolizes whatever meaning…

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