Why do we hold on to dead symbols?

summer fail 3

I can’t for the life me understand why do we, HUMANS, maintain a reverence for things long out of the context of current day life. It’s almost like a death grip, for example, issues I will never see put to rest in my lifetime such as slavery and that damn battle flag of Northern Virginia. I admit that a part of me amps up both sides of the argument. Deep down I do not care about either stance.
I have come to grips with the whole slavery issue; it takes a strong people to go through something like and not slaughter your oppressors. We do live in relative peace if you place it in the context of the middle east. The United States will never hand out any monetary reprisal to the descendants of said slaves. Some idiots think that welfare is reparations enough. Even though the descendants are not the primary recipients of that free government money. If I remember correctly in elementary school, we use to roast folks who were poor and had to receive it. It is an issue of pride, some people lack pride, to suck the government’s tit consistently.
Now about that retarded piece of “Southern Pride”, let that thing die folks. It was and is a symbol of oppression and rebellion. We have enough rebelling against the government. Even though I like a good fight, an internal armed conflict is not what America needs at this point in history. We are broke, some blame Obama, I blame adults as a whole not being responsible for their financial success and failures. We get mad at big corporations and not realizing that our nation is run by big companies. We are brainwashed to think that we have these random enemies all over the world. That tends to happen when you start policing other nations conflicts. No one likes the police; let’s be honest with ourselves. You may have family and friends that are cops, I do, and I support those individuals and not Law Enforcement as an institution.


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